Abdul Aziz Bin Khalid Bin Turki Al Sudairy

Managed by a team of highly qualified professionals, drawn from different specialities, and with a 5,500 plus multinational workforce, SCCC has been successfully involved in some of the largest and most prestigious projects undertaken in Saudi Arabia. SCCC has provided catering and other life support services for oil and gas exploration and production projects, petrochemical projects, government agencies, military contractors, Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, major construction contractors and hospital projects. SCCC’s proven project experience, depth of resources and quality of service also allowed it to successfully provide full catering and support services to the armed forces stationed in the Kingdom throughout the Gulf War, even under combat conditions, mobilizing the required workforce within a matter of days and served over 120,000 additional meals per day.

Looking back at SCCC’s achievements, I am indeed proud of the entire team for having stood dutifully by the Company throughout its period of growth. With a positive outlook for the future, I place full confidence in the capabilities of SCCC staff who, I am sure, will always remain dedicated and committed to serving the Company’s growing clientele.